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April 25

The Sarenne hydroelectic power plant

Focus on the Sarenne hydroelectric power plant project.

Pixel de Lune presents to you a project entrusted to us by CNR (Compagnie Nationale du Rhône) : The first 100% electric and renewable energy producer in France.

CNR had begun a building site for a significant project : the Sarenne Hydroelectric Plantlocated in Isère.

Magali NEYMARC, Engineering and Great Scale projects director at CNR, endowed us with the creation of visual artwork describing the labor process for the 3-year duration of the construction.

François MARTIN, Project Manager at BG Engineering and Consulting, contributed with the creation of the visuals.

Thanks to their support and perspective, we created two 3D images.

The first one depicts the course of the waterway between the water intake located at 1454 meters altitude in Huez to the power station in Bourg-d’oisans at 721 meters.

The image had to locate precisely the parallel course of the Sarenne’s stream, adding a working scenario while depicting the discretion of the execution despite its scale.

With all the information in hand and after attending a preproduction reunion with our interlocutors and clients, we created a first draft of the image.

CNR1 Model of the aerial plan
The main purpose was to highlight the key points of the project

In the beginning, two different points of view were conceived : The water intake and the power plant.

Which led us to the first version of the 3D artwork :
CNR2 First draft of the project
After some exchanges and evolutions of the main objective, a third point of view was born : the intermediary platform.

Thanks to a lot of round trips to get the best result possible, we achieved a good balance between aesthetics and project explanation.
CNR3 Image of the final view
The second image goal was to illustrate the route of the waterway in between the mountain cut while presenting clearly the concept of the works.

However, since the distances were way too great, it was necessary to synthesize the information to find a satisfactory scale ratio while maintaining qualitative visuals.

In order to overcome the issue, we started to draft the implementation of the 2D elements.
CNR4 Plan showing the profile of the waterway between the water intake and the powerhouse
Which helped us exchange even further about the project and enhance our drafts.
CNR5 Client's proposed modifications
Once the concerned parties were satisfied with the set-up, we completed the image adding lighting, textures, materials and many other miscellaneous elements.

The final result illustrates perfectly this new green energy production site which respects the biodiversity taking into account the sensitive mountain environment of the Isère region.
CNR6 Final image of the works cut
We heartily thank CNR for entrusting us this project that turned out to be a marvelous collaboration