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May 14

The making of the « Grand Lyon » project

To begin our news page we will see the making of the « Grand Lyon » project.

This past year allowed us to work with major photography studios such as DMKF studio, for the commercial campaign « Only Lyon ». Our collaboration allowed the studio to create some pretty fantastic visuals on the cinema ‘s theme and the city of Lyon.

We were in charge of creating a dragon flying over the city, Didier Michalet and Karen Firdmann's studio was able to integrate these dragons in their photography.

Thanks to the vision of the studio we were able to develop the design and poses of the dragon.

The result is an original composition where the artists' style is fully expressed by illustrating « Lyon's business potential» bringing « a fantastic vision of the towers of La Part Dieu and Fourvière transposed in an almost medieval universe populated by mythical creatures. ».