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October 03

Understanding 3D Animation

3D animation is a computer-made graphic technique that allows you to create movements like a shooting of a real scene. We virtually build a studio with a camera, lights and "actors", then we film various movements, in order to create the sequence of the project.

This tool has become widely available over the past 10 years and becomes a pillar of current graphic techniques. Its primary interest is to bring a spatial dimension through the powerful calculation of modern computers.

It is used in various fields such as special effects in cinema, films, synthetic image series, video games, product presentations, and many others.

Today, its implementation becomes easy and offers a wide range of rendering. The diversity of its graphic style makes it possible to adapt to your needs. This is the strength of 3D, it can be span class= 'bold '>photorealistic/span> as span class= 'bold '>illustrative/span>.

The company does not have to worry about whether the product is available to carry out its communication.

For example, the photorealistic style allowed us to make images for communication campaigns even before the physical manufacture of the latter. As a result, the agencies were able to use our visuals on several media: websites, promotional videos, events...

This was the case, for example, with the Idpac Easy project with the agency Pamplemousse.

Photorealism is also used to place products in original environments. We were able to use this concept for the project with the agency Day on Mars for Schneider Electric.

Who could have filmed a flower opening with an electrical device inside? Only 3D animation was able to do this and convince the customer of this storytelling.

The graphic/illustrative style makes it possible to animate didactic films with visuals that distinguish us from the traditional flat “motions designs”.

As our previous examples illustrate, this technique facilitates and accentuates storytelling in a project, showing how a product works, displaying these characteristics, focusing on a specific part...
It simplifies the understanding of a process by allowing all conceivable views. The product recreated in 3D is sublimated, representing it in an ideal environment.

The possibilities are unlimited and will allow to include an additional creative dimension to your original creations.

Not to mention that statistically, the animation allows you to have 50 times more likely to be better referenced on search engines.

3D realizations are in our daily lives and need specialists to accompany you, you will understand that it is not necessary to master a complex process, but simply to imagine without constraints your needs according to your communication messages.

Animation is the ideal tool for simple, efficient and modern communication!

Want to start a 3D production?

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