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Pixel de Lune, it's 3D images 3D animation Motion Design Compositing video and FX applications

The studio

Pixel de Lune is a 3D creation studio, specialised in image and animation based in Lyon (France).

Our universe extends from 3D to interactivity offering our clients innovative and creative communicating media, such as 3D Images and Animations, Motion Design, Touch Apps and Augmented Reality.

Our areas of expertise have no boundaries but already take root in the world of branding, architecture, health, and industry.

Some numbers

Studio created in 2013

6 Workers

+ than 1000 Projects

+ than 50 Active Customers

Our Goals

By offering you our expertise, our creativity and our mastery of all our solutions, we can help you in your visual creations.

Advise on the development of your project, image or animation.

Transform your creative idea in 3D Image, 3D Animation or Motion Design.

Improve your communication media with powerful images or innovative media.

Our solutions

Pixel de Lune supports companies in the world of image and animation by offering innovative and creative communicating media.

Adviser, think, create, design, and deliver.

Propel communication campaigns with strong images.

Explain the functioning of technical products not yet released from the design offices but also from the medical research process.

Create dynamic, rhythmic motion design in line with your sector of activity as well as new technological and marketing practices.

Produce visuals still non-existent or impossible to achieve with conventional tools on the market.

Use our partner networks to respond effectively to all your requests.

Our Expertise

Our mastery of the various technologies makes it possible to answer all types of requests.

3D Images

Illustrate your sketches in a photorealistic, illustrative, cartoon image ...

3D Animations

Bring animation to your concepts to make sense of them.

2D Compositing

2D retouching, special effects, add a 3D element in your photos. Everything is possible !

Motion Design

2 minutes to convince? Motion Design animations allow you to explain your project in a dynamic and clear way.

Video FX

Shooting, Editing, Calibration, Drone, Video Trick.

Interactive Applications

We design your Tactile Product Presentation Applications, both for your stands and for your events (touch tables, tablets and smartphones).

Augmented Reality
and Virtual Reality

We develop Augmented Reality applications, with or without markers, as well as virtual applications and tours (VR Headset).

Our Projects

A range of our work.

They trust Us

Thank you to all our clients and partners to entrust us with their most beautiful projects.